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Street and Track Suit

The Street and Track Suit is a jacket and pant combo custom made for the individual who finds themselves wanting track-level protection with the convenience of pockets, reflective areas, vents and other creature comforts to improve your riding experiences. This is for the long rides on your high speed touring bike that you maintain with the same attention to detail and functionality that we put into these combos.

This Street and Track combo allows you to choose the things we make for our sport rider family and put them together for a two piece street and track combination that suits your specific needs with our proven sport rider technology. From a ride in the alps to a track day with your buddies, this is the combo that’ll get it all done.

Vanson has the answer for the high performance rider who wants the versatility and comfort of a street riding jacket and pant combo but needs the additional protection of a two-piece suit with a full circumference waist zipper.

Available only as a custom-fit “made to order” set, we can combine a number of different jacket styles from the sport rider, technical and super motard line of jackets, with a number of pant styles from the Supermoto, Technical or Sport Rider line of pants by altering the waistband, adding a back expander, and the full circumference zipper.

The pants and jacket zip together to form a secure riding garment appropriate for track days, riding schools and serious aggressive street riding. The two garments can also be worn independently.

Both the jacket and pant offer the armor features standard to the off-the-rack versions available. They can also be fitted with our F.A.S. GP race armor designed for the track.

Complete ventilation is available by selecting the Properf versions of the jacket or pants. Degrees of ventilation are offered on the Cobra, Cobra Star, Lightning and Technical Mark III jacket styles.

Due to construction limitations, we are unable to make the Track-Street Combo with the adjustable waistbands that come standard on the off-the-rack version.

Vanson strongly recommends the use of a purpose built racing suit for all forms of Motorcycle racing and does not recommend the Track-Street Combo for competition racing.

All styles are also available in a women’s fit.

* Properf versions have perforated leather for the main body panels, replacing the solid leather panels. Collar and waistband are always solid leather.

Click here for printable Street and Track Suit Measurement Guide PDF

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