CUB BOMBER JACKET - Vanson Leathers
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4006 A250


  • Textile wax cotton canvas slim fit flight jacket
  • Original Bomber leather jacket snap windflap and knit trim
  • WAX (tin) to easily recondition wax-cotton sold separately
  • Knit waistband and cuffs
  • Leather lined collar
  • Mandarin collar with neck-belt and buckle
  • Snap front
  • Zip front
  • Black oxidized metal hardware
  • 2 Interior lining pockets button-close
  • Rayon-lined sleeves for easy wear comfort
  • Red plaid cotton-blend lining
  • 2 Flap-closed lower hand pockets
  • ID key fob embossed with garment unit-number for reference


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Shipping Rates

  • SIZES:..XXS....XS....SM....MED...LG....XL....XXL...XXX
  • Scale....32..34..36..38..40..42..44..46..48..50..52..54
  • Sizing XXS(32) XS(35) SM(38) MED(41) LG(44) XL(47) XXL(50) XXXL(53)
  • Size MED-(SZ 41) Chest measures 45 in. =CONTINENTAL FIT (4 of chest ease)
  • Back length is 29.5in.- Front 25 - Sleeves are 36.5 Nape of neck to Wrist
  • Jacket is meant to cover the beltline. Bottom circumference sweep is 44 in.
  • Download the Fit Chart

ARMY weight 1010 (10 oz.) BLACK Waxed Cotton
10.10 oz. Army Duck is woven and finished in the USA and
so is 100% Made-In-USA. The name Duck is the anglicised
version of the Dutch word Doek - which means cloth. This
material features equal warp and fill threads in the weave
which results in a very tight strong and durable fabric
with both breathability and water repellency. Strength and
water resistance are enhanced by the wax finish.
Wax cotton can be reconditioned and re-proofed using the
Vanson wax sold separately. Use a hair dryer to heat the
area of the garment needing wax work the wax paste into
the Duck using a dry cloth and a circular motion.
Note: Do not wash or dry-clean wax cotton as it will
lose the wax impregnation and finish. To clean wax
cotton hose off with cool water only.