BONES ROPER GLOVE - Vanson Leathers
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  • Outlaw motorcycle deerskin driving glove
  • Unlined gloves with skeleton x-ray bones in white
  • Anatomically correct leather bone motif stitched to glove
  • Finger seams sewn inside for durability
  • Specially tanned and prepared Glove deerskin


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  • SIZES...32..34..36..38..40..42..44..46..48..50..52..54..56..58..60..60
  • Size 42 Chest measurement 48 -----Ease 6 inches
  • Back Length 25 ------Front Length 19 ------Bottom Circumference 38.5
  • Nape of neck to wrist 34.5
  • MANX family is the original base of the SportRider family. This series
  • has a solid one piece waistband. Also the jackets are not designed to
  • accept armor. The wrist zippers are on the outseam of the sleeves.
  • The elbow patches are foot-ball shaped.
  • Download the Fit Chart

Black Deerskin - tanned for glovemaking. This leather is
very rich soft and strong. All our deerskin is specified
at 1.0 mm. This leather has only a light-level coat of wax
and resin to protect it. This is part of what creates the
the special feel of deerskin. It will benefit from regular
applications of leather balm to reduce the effects of the
UV in sunlight over time. White cowhide prepared and split
to a glovemaking weight is used for the applied Bones.