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Vanson Race Contingency Program

All product certificates will be processed and mailed to the racer at the end of each year, or in time for the end of year banquet. Contingency lists should be submitted at the end of every race, but the awards will not be ready for use until the end of each year.

Riders who should receive contingency for more than one race in the same year will receive one product certificate for the total owed for races won. Product certificates will be sent to the racing orgs for the recipient to sign and mailed back to Vanson when used.


For racing organizations: Contingency lists may be faxed ( 508-677-6773 attn: Nicole), e-mailed (repairs@vansonjackets.alakmalak.org) or mailed:
Vanson Leathers
Attn: Contingency
951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724



ClassNat'l ChampRunner Up

Wearing a Vanson suit is $100 additional to Nat'l Champ and Runner Up for the end of season race ONLY.


ClassNat'l ChampRunner Up

Wearing a Vanson suit is $100 additional to Nat'l Champ and Runner Up for the end of season race ONLY.


Year end ChampionshipsWIN/1stWearing Vanson
Unlimited GP$150$100 add'l
Open superbike$150$100 add'l
Heavyweight Superbike$150$100 add'l
Middleweight Superbike$150$100 add'l
Super Twins$125$50 add'l
Historic HW/LW$125$50 add'l
Formula 40$125$50 add'l
Club Sport$125$50 add'l


Nat'l Road Race SeriesWIN/1stRU/2nd
All Classes$200$100
Regional Series  
All Classes$100$50
Wearing a Vanson Suit for the Nat'l Road Race Champ and Runner Up is $100 additional, $50 for Regional Series Champ and Runner Up


YEAR END CHAMPIONSHIPS ONLY: $125 for the winner of Expert Classes and $75 for the winner of Novice classes with an additional $75 for either if wearing a Vanson suit.


VANSON “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR”: The Vanson Rookie of the Year is presented to a rider that earns the most points during the current LRRS race season on the criteria listed as follows:

1. The rider must start the 2018 season as a Novice.
2. The rider must advance to the next rider level when advancement criteria are met according to the rules in Section 5 of the 2018 LRRS Rulebook.
3. Novice points are not counted.
4. All Amateur points will be counted
    a. Amateur points will be counted until you have met the bump to expert requirements (section 5.5.2). If a rider does not bump when requirements are met, amateur points accumulated after that time will not be counted.
5. All Expert points will be counted
    a. If the eligible rider wins a first place position in his first expert race the rider will then earn an additional 10 point bonus; these points are only counted toward the Vanson Rookie of the Year award and are not counted as LRRS season points.
6. Expert points outweigh any amateur points
    a. I.E. 1 expert point outweighs any amount of amateur points
7. A panel of officials will review all the candidates at the conclusion of the season and will make the determination based on the following:
    a. Rider’s conduct with officials.
    b. Rider’s conduct and awareness of the track and race procedures.
    c. Personal appearance, demeanor and deportment.
    d. Sportsmanship with other riders on and off the track.
    e. The panel may penalize any rider for any conduct that may be determined detrimental to LRRS, its officials, riders and attendees.


All these get product award certificates after every race, once the org has sent us the information.
You do not have to sign up for this.  You just have to run Vanson Ovals on the bike.

You must finish in 1st-2nd-5th and 10th to get the certificates. 

The amount pay out as
    $50.00 for 1st.
    $40.00 for 2nd.
    $30.00 for 5th.
    $20.00 for 10th.


AMA Flat Track

We are paying out any racer wearing a Vanson suit that finished in 1st place $300.00,  2nd place $175.00,  3rd place $125.00. in product certificates.